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B Building

B503Preisler OceanfrontB329Elaine/Paul/ErnestB351Bissette Max. ViewsB204Oceanfront Getaway
B226The Hinkle'sB151Jill's PlaceB406T and M's PlaceB303Martz's-1 Bedroom
B555Martz's- 2 bedroomB311Sand-Al Condo B311B511Moore’s Condo B511B408Dream Condos 408B
B411Little Bitta HeavenB109Perkins Condos 109BB301Perkins Condos 301BB304Perkins Condos 304B
B305Perkins Condos 305BB546Perkins Condos 546BB421Perkins Condo 421BB506Oceanfront 506b
B328Sandpiper - 328BB524Perkins Condo 524BB403MooresOceanfront403B124**Borland-124**
B125**Borland-125**B516McCoy's Oceanview!!B352MaggiesMemories 352B401Dream Condos 401B
B402Dream Condos 402BB205Dream Condos 205BB409Perkins Condo 409BB540*OurHappyPlace 540*
B101Dream Condos 101BB307Dream Condos 307BB313Perkins Condos 313BB510Dream Condos 510B
B431Perkins Condos

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