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Renter's Checklist

Renter's Checklist:

Make reservations early!

Planning ahead and booking early guarantees you maximum choice. You can be sure to find the optimal rental, the one that best suits your needs. By avoiding waiting 'til the last minute you can save money, too. Last minute renters usually have to settle for a lesser spot, fewer amenities or higher prices.

Get a rental agreement!

Since rentals involve a fairly decent amount of money, don't let your vacation ride on a verbal commitment. Be sure to get everything down on paper.

Know your cancellation policy!

Get a clear cancellation policy. Be prepared to sacrifice at least a portion of your deposit should you have to cancel. Some owners have a non-cancelable policy, say during holidays, in which you could lose your entire deposit. The cancellation policy should be in your contract

Don't miss deadlines for deposits!

A sure way to ruin your vacation, it might even result in a forfeiture of monies and a cancellation of your reservation.

Get complete instructions in advance!

Three things are critical to have before setting off on your vacation. Have complete driving/flying/ferry information before departure. Make absolutely sure, as far ahead as possible, that arrangements have been made to get the keys. Be sure to have the owner's phone number or that of their local agent so you have someone to contact should the unforeseen arise.

Rental Contract Information

Many of the owners listed on the Myrtle Beach Resort Showcase bundle all their charges into one price. When it is shown on their page it is called ALL INCLUSIVE. All Inclusive means that the price you see is the price you pay, there will be NO extra charges added on with one exception. There may/may not be an extra Resort Fee charged during certain seasons of the year. On season Resort Fees average $26.

Many times travel and rental agents list attractive prices only to add on a lot of fees and taxes that raise the final price beyond what you wanted to pay. Be sure to always ask what is included in the final price you will pay (see list on right).

Understand your rental contact.
Rates may/may not include:

  • Linens/Linen Service
  • Departure Cleaning
  • Resort Fee
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Non-Refundable Deposits
  • Agency/Booking Fees
  • Other Miscellaneous Charges

Be sure you fully understand any charges you may incur in addition to your basic rental fee.

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