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Sales Terms and Conditions

An Internet presence can be very productive to individuals and businesses large and small. The Myrtle Beach Resort website has become quite popular. Websites receives many requests for lists of condos for sale. As we are not a sales agent, we can only refer them to our "For Sale" page where owners can showcase their properties. Listing your condo here is an easy, reasonable way to market your condo. For the purposes of this document, the site operator is to be referred to hereinafter as "Webmaster".

For Sales listings contact Condo Sales

Showcase Condo Sales Listing Prices:

If you are a current member of the Myrtle Beach Resort Website there is no charge to list your condo For Sale. For non-members the Listing rate is $75.00 for six months or until sold, whichever comes first. There are no additional costs or fees when your condo is sold. Listing renewals are $25.00 for an additional six months.

Listing costs and fees must be paid in advance.

All prices listed are in US dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Showcase Condo Sales Listing Terms and Conditions:

You agree to abide by Webmaster's Rules of User Conduct, including but not limited to, agreeing not to use this site for any unlawful purpose. Click Here to view a copy of the Rules of User Conduct.

The base listing can contain up to 200 words and up to four photos can be included in the listing. Four photo swaps and four price changes are allow during the duration of your listing. For a larger or custom listing contact Condo Sales for information and pricing. Listings can include your E-Mail address and your personal street address and phone.

Descriptions of your condo and amenities must be accurate and true. The Webmaster assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of any listing content, no matter what its source. The Webmaster will investigate complaints of listing inaccuracies. If you have a condo listed on the showcase, you can have a link to your condo included in the listing. However, you cannot have information, descriptions or links to any other condo. You can have links to a realtor if that realtor is your representative and that realtor also has a listing for your condo.

If any of the terms and conditions of the sales listing are broken, or there are any listing misrepresentations of your condo, the Webmaster reserves the right to remove the offending listing. If a listing is removed there will be no refund of monies paid.

The Webmaster will not participate at any time in the sale of any condo at the Myrtle Beach Resort. the Webmaster assumes no responsibility of any kind associated with the sale/offering for sale of any condo at the Myrtle Beach Resort.

Building Your Showcase Ad:

Websites will build and maintain your ad on the showcase. Websites does have some stock resort information but you must supply all the sales information to be used in the sales listing.

All photos and text used on any listing are the property of the lister/webmaster and may not be duplicated in any form without permission.

For Sales listings contact Condo Sales

In all cases the Webmaster will be held blameless in any and all disputes arising from the use or misuse of any listing. By using this site, you signify your agreement to all terms, conditions, and notices contained or referenced herein and to the site Terms of Use . If at any time there is a conflict or perceived conflict between the Terms and Conditions of this offering and the site Terms of Use, the Webmaster has the right and the sole discretion to determine if the Terms and Conditions of the Option or Offering will be honored or deferred to the site Terms of Use. The Webmaster is the final arbiter for any/all questions and interpretations of website listing terms and conditions. In all matters Webmaster's decision is final. Click Here to view a copy of the Terms of Use.

The Terms and Conditions listed here, the site Terms of Use and Rules of User Conduct are subject to change without notice. You should read and review these items regularly.

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